We are building 'Remnants Of The Tenebrous, Ethernal Nightmare', customize your characters, kill your enemies or twist their mind to satisfy your erotic wishes.

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  • Octavia Standing

    Remnants Of The Tenebrous, Ethernal Nightmare

    Our main creation has reached its first goal, the preview of the character customisation system, and it continues to be developed this time to introduce all the desired aspects such as physics and other visual fixes to make your character always shine.

  • DemonLord Monster

    Return to Patreon

    We are back to Patreon, each month we will bring your credit rewards from there.

  • Celine having sex with a nasty goblin

    Nether Storm: Celine

    This videogame has changed many times from its first version, to the one released on DLsite (which will be updated once the final version is released), finally it won't be just basic 2D platforming, as you can also walk in depth in this new 2.5D and customize your character.

  • Plant Monster

    Virtual Reality

    Play it in VR with your headset and a gamepad.

Remnants Of The Tenebrous, Ethernal Nightmare


Remnants Of The Tenebrous, Ethernal Nightmare (ROTTEN) is our most ambitious videogame and represents our greatest effort in the development of a virtual world, as it is not only a MMORPG, but we are introducing our desire to make it possible to interact in Roleplay and generate communities that make small cities grow in the game with the personality traits of those who live there.

Although it is a free-to-play game, there are some cosmetics rewards for paid-users, for example, extra morphing ranges for character creation, or extra elements to build their houses.

Download the game and register it for free.

Through the implementation of different levels of benefits, you significantly contribute to the advancement and improvement of our ability to acquire higher-quality systems and invest in state-of-the-art hardware. It's important to note that, in this process, certain fixed expenses must be considered, such as server maintenance. These levels of benefits not only drive our development but also provide us with the opportunity to enhance our performance and the quality of our operations, ensuring a more efficient and competitive environment.

Take a look at our tiers and choose yours.

Furthermore, in addition to the support in acquiring software and hardware, we can also dedicate more time to the development of the project itself, which requires a substantial investment of hours to continue growing and evolving. As a reward for the benefits you provide, we highlight the ability to expand our operations to new locations or even waive the maintenance cost fee, allowing you to neglect your territory with the peace of mind that, when you return days or months later, it will remain exactly as you left it. This flexibility and support are essential for achieving continuous progress in our project and maintaining our resources in optimal condition.

Additionally, among the enhancements we emphasize are those of a visual nature. They go beyond the acquisition of better armor and instead provide greater control over the customization of your character. This includes the ability to further increase certain attributes and decrease others according to your preferences and needs. This flexibility in character modification allows you to adapt more precisely to the challenges you encounter on your journey, offering a richer and more satisfying gaming experience.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Headset

We have implemented an innovative VR gameplay system to play in third person without generating the feeling of sickness:

  • The same game, no need for mods, plugins, or other additional configurations, just start the game and put on your headset.
  • Use your keyboard and mouse or your gamepad to have fun, it's the same game and the same way to play it, the camera system in VR is silky smooth and totally immersive.

Our Art


At our creative studio, we have a passion for designing imaginative and artistic renderings with an erotic theme. These designs are not only visually captivating but serve a wide range of purposes.

For those looking to enhance their digital environments, we offer stunning desktop backgrounds that infuse your screens with sensuality. Gamers can also enjoy our work as we create alluring loading screens for video games, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience.

But our artistic journey doesn't stop in the digital realm. We also produce illustrations that are perfect for printing on paper. Whether you're interested in unique art for your space or want to explore a different side of artistry, our illustrations can bring that touch of sensuality to any print.

Moreover, we take pride in creating objects that can be incorporated into third-party video games as mods. These mods simulate real prints, posters, paintings, and more, allowing gamers to engage with our artwork within their favorite virtual worlds.

In addition to our regular offerings, we have a special treat for our audience. We showcase some of our animated creations from Nether Storm as standalone pieces. These animations serve as a tantalizing glimpse into our aspirations for the game, giving you a taste of what we're working on amidst the complexities of game development.

If our work has sparked your interest, we're open to your requests. Whether you want to see our art featured in our ongoing projects or have a more personal purpose in mind, we're here to bring your ideas to life.

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To explore our ever-growing collection, head over to our Gallery section or pay a visit to our Pixiv profile. On Pixiv, you can follow us, bookmark your favorite illustrations, and show your appreciation by hitting the like button. Your engagement with our art is a key factor in guiding the direction of our future designs.

And there's more! By engaging with our art on our gallery page, registered and logged-in users have the opportunity to earn valuable credits. These credits accumulate as you continue to log in daily on our website or in the game. To keep track of your credits, simply visit the account page.

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We're dedicated to delivering a unique and immersive artistic experience, and we welcome you to be a part of this exciting journey with us.

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