Rules Of Paradise

A Pink Bunnies's Project

Welcome to the home of Rules Of Paradise, this is an adult project +18.

Basic Information

Pink Bunnies is the developer group of "Rules Of Paradise", more than a video game, the core of an RPG engine with implementation in both browser games, desktop or mobile. It has an exclusive server that performs different functions:

Development build: | password: 148027

Data Protection


We do care about your privacy, that is why we will never request any personal or contact information from our website or from our software, therefore, the security of our users is at a higher level than any other . Such is our desire to keep as much privacy as possible that we do not use tracking services, and we also only use a single functional cookie. This fact exempts us from the obligation to request permissions from the user.


Warnings about the online world

The name you give to your character will be public and will be visible by other players, in addition to this, when playing online you should be aware that your actions within the game can be seen by other players. Never send sensitive information, passwords, or credit card numbers by instant messages or post them on the web or in the forum.